Welcome to Teetou's Rewards Program!

Earn 5% Rewards on Every Purchases

Earn points when you shop that you can convert into a voucher off your next purchase.

How can I earn rewards?

You'll earn reward points every time you shop at Teetou.com. Earn 5% rewards on all your purchases (5 points for every $1 spent)

How much are reward points worth?

Points can be converted into a voucher for future purchases. Each point is worth one cent. For example, if you earn 500 reward points then you can convert them intoa voucher of $5.00 towards a future purchase.

Is there a limit to the amount of rewards I can earn?

No, you will earn 5% rewards on every purchase, no matter what.

When will my rewards be available to me?

Rewards will be available in your shopping account as soon as your payment accepted. 

Do I earn rewards if I cancel my purchase?

If you cancel a purchase before it ships, you will not receive rewards for that purchase.

Do rewards expire?

Rewards earned through making purchases will remain active in your account as long as you are a registered customer. 

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